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           Eklavvya Yuva Talent Hub is a best platform of the youngster person. Who the person wants to complete his desire, his aim, his exception to him he may come & join. We will help that person who wants to be something in is life. Who wants to complete his dreams.
          Who wants to achieve in his life. We do help that person because we want to grow happiness in our team. We provide the platform wherever you can go for complete your goal. It does destroy unemployment and corruption and injustice in the society altogether.

     After coming in this hub we always keep feeling better and feel growing for our aim. When we do practice do continues we feel we are going for our dream whatever we want to find in our life. Mostly people think about their dreams but they can not do hard work for their dream they do not think from where they should start? So we help as like person who wants to go in his future in this field. Our hub always support those person.
      If you want to be prove yourself so you also can be join this hub and you should see it. What’s go here than you can take a decision that what wrong or right? Before joining you cannot say about it what is wrong or right. We should awaken for this hub.
           The hub does not want only talented person it wants only who the person want grow and success in his life. We always try solve the educational and game problems. The hub try to provide the right platform for the talents. Our hub is a group of educated and talented person. Here are so many senior person. They always advise the juniors how we can get success & get our aim? What is the right way for success.
            Here we can try to full fill your incomplete dreams and desire and dreams. We do not have to pay a lot of money for complete our desires and aim. The hub wants only your true feeling for your talent and after that here every official person support to all talented people.
                  Our hub do not care about it that the person who is coming here, he/she is richer or poor. We respect all talented person and who wants to be archive his aim. We do not say wrong think that we will give you a good job or education courses etc.
               We always say that we support only those person who wants to get success in his game. It would be natural we are trying to become supporter in front of you. Our hub only as a supporter in various type game and social eduction.

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पिता ने स्वीकृति दी तो वह अपनी गर्भवती
पत्नी को माँ-बाप के जिम्मे छोड़कर व्यापार
करने चला गया ।

परदेश में मेहनत से बहुत धन कमाया और
वह धनी सेठ बन गया ।
सत्रह वर्ष धन कमाने में बीत गए तो सन्तुष्टि हुई
और वापस घर लौटने की इच्छा हुई ।

पत्नी को पत्र लिखकर आने की सूचना दी
और जहाज में बैठ गया ।